Who am I?

I am Angel Mata, the founder of Low Impact Filipina, the blog that advocates for the reduction of waste, purchase, and consumption, thereby minimizing negative environmental impact on the planet.


As a teacher, I believe in a world where I can see the future of my students and children in a healthy planet. I aim to share how understanding our daily life decisions and actions can affect the environment, builds knowledge and skills essential to address more complex environmental issues which will enable them to be shaped as future environmental educators. I give various seminars and workshops to schools, organizations, universities and the like of how to live a low-impact lifestyle.

How can you help?


You can support my work in this advocacy by buying me a virtual coffee.

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Meet like-minded people and be more inspired to live a low-impact lifestyle by joining our Facebook Group called Low Impact Philippines.

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I cannot change the world, but we surely can. Post your little wins on social media and inspire others to do the same. Use the #lowimpactph.

What People Say

I was given the privilege to know this very inspiring girl through an event in Palawan. Contrary to people I’ve met on environmental gatherings and events, Angel is what I believe a true catalyst of change. She is a simple and humble person with her unfaltered values and morals yet she remained open for possibilities in the lens of others’ situations. A true environmental steward is one with character, compassion and selfless motives both for humanity and the planet. That is Angel. I pray and hope that our paths will cross again in the hope of making this world a better place.

Melody Melo-Rijk
World Wildlife Fund Philippines

Even before following this blog, I was trying to minimize my waste. A little after that, I stopped because of my busy schedule. (I really take my time to try to recycle everything.) I love how I just noticed her page on my timeline and she inspired me to reducing my waste again! I use my receipts and other reusable paper instead of sticky notes and some become my notebooks for school! Not a 100% zero waste but I’m getting there!

Pat Reinde
Facebook Follower

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