Low Impact Hairties?

Hair ties are easy to find… and also easy to lose. People have been losing hair ties daily and most of them just end up as trash polluting our environment. Hair ties themselves are not eco-friendly as they are made out of the mixture of synthetic and non recyclable materials.

Here are the small actions that you can make to have low environmental impact while tying your hair up in this extreme heat in the Philippines.

  1. Try other methods other than hair ties.

One advantage of using a hair tie is that it is very convenient and accessible. Just grab it, and tie your hair up. Why not try other ways on fixing your hair like headband, hair clips or hair sticks? Here are the other 9 alternatives in to elastic hair ties.

2. Do not lose your hair tie.

This might be so easy to say but the most sustainable way of having a low impact hair tie is to take good care of what you have like a baby. Try to also minimize the number of hair ties that you own.Having fewer items will actually help you have them handy when you need them! This might be so easy to say but the most sustainable way of having a low impact hair tie is to take good care of what you have like a baby.

3. Pick up a hair tie on the street.

This might be too extreme for everyone but this is what other people do like Bea Johnson of @zerowastehome. While other people are losing their hair ties, what you need to do is to pick them up.

Photo from Bea Johnson’s Instagram (@zerowastehome)

4. Repurpose your hair ties.

While all hair ties are not made the same, they can serve so many purposes. You can use them in organizing your cables, tying up your test papers (if you’re a teacher like me) or you can also repair them and make them as a new hair tie.

Photo from: WasteLandRebel

5. Invest in a plastic-free hair tie.

Yes, they do exits. Kooshoo, feeling good in Norfuk, a language spoken exclusively by the people of Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific, is a hair tie brand based in Canada. It is locally available at Loop Store in Quezon City. When I have been losing my promise to myself that I will be using one hair tie in my life time, I started placing my order to this plastic-free hair tie. It happened by accident, I promise you. (Just send me a DM, HAHA)

They are the only plastic-free, biodegradable, ethically made hair tie on the market (as far as I know at least!) 

They are significantly more expensive than regular hair ties, but they are also last way longer, so the price difference isn’t as drastic as it seems. However, since its Php. 499.00 (10$), I’d say it’s fair to stretch the wallet for this one, given the plastic-free payoff.

Hair ties, as little as they seem, they are as dangerous as your plastic straws and fish nets polluting our ocean. Their small size can be easily ingested by sea animals. While we cannot have zero impact to this planet, we can create a positive change through the change of our habits whether its through your peso or picking up used hair ties lying around our streets.

Published by Angel Mata

Angel is a teacher based in Laguna, Philippines. She is advocating for reducing one's environmental impact through waste reduction, vegetarianism, and second hand purchase.

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