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A lot of products and services were introduced to us by marketing. Many nations around the world already focused on the unique selling proposition that their products can offer. The consumer behavior of Americans, Europeans, and Asians has become international standards nowadays in terms of its buying habits and lifestyle.

On the other hand, the Filipinos have unique buying habits which have become a culture that can be called its own. Generally, Filipino consumers love to buy things which are on sale and with discounts. These buying habits are very distinct and common to Filipinos worldwide. Filipino buyers are known for its unique buying routine as a way of life.

However, this way of life of hoarding to hit a perfect aesthetic house and the very real ‘never-use-something-more-than-once’ mentality bombards us with this seven-letter word called C-L-U-T-T-E-R. Clutter is the result of buying items we thought we hope to use (but actually never do), simply because of the rush of happiness we get from indulging themselves. This is something that a number of companies have picked up on in their advertising. To get an edge over their competitors, products are not just advertised as convenient and time- or energy-saving, but as essential and even as something you couldn’t achieve happiness without. We can also cite our parents’ social status during the early times for this matter – living with less in a society that wants more.

Our obsession with stuff lead us to planet’s suffering. According to Worldwatch Institute in its annual report, State of the World 2004, developing countries are catching up rapidly, to the detriment of the environment, health, and happiness when it comes to unsustainable overconsumption. Approximately 1.7 billion people worldwide now belong to the “consumer class”—the group of people who desire for bigger houses, more and bigger cars, higher levels of debt, and lifestyles devoted to the accumulation of non-essential goods. Most of our environmental issues today can also be linked to overconsumption. The overabundance of disposable cameras, plastic garbage bags, and other cheaply made goods with built in product-obsolescence, and cheaply made manufactured goods that lead to a “throw away” mentality are also linked to overconsumption.

This start-up company based in the Philippines, on the other hand, wants to change the way we think – and hopefully, the way we live. About two weeks ago, I met Josef and Nina at a coffee shop in Makati and talked about how we can collaborate and use each other’s platform to divert Filipino’s minds in the context of decluttering.

Humble describes themselves as a sustainability startup all about circular living. They help declutter homes & lives by taking things that people no longer need and giving them a new purpose. And hey! They have planted seeds embedded in their business card.

According to Josef and Nina, they set out to make a little dent in two problems: the state of our planet and the state of our minds. They want to inspire the human race to live in a truly circular economy.

But how does it work?

Sounds interesting right?
If you want to partner, donate or buy from them, you may reach them through their Facebook or Instagram @humblesustainability or email them at

If you want to know more about them personally, you may join us on February 18, 2020 6:15 PM onwards as we talk about Startups and Sustainable Living at Common Grounds, BGC, Taguig, Philippines. This event is in partnership with Common Ground Work Philippines, Kahon PH, MAD Travel, Urban Greens, ChatbotPH, and Humble Sustainability. Entrance, food and drinks are free!

Declutter with Humble today!

Published by Angel Mata

Angel is a teacher based in Laguna, Philippines. She is advocating for reducing one's environmental impact through waste reduction, vegetarianism, and second hand purchase.

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