About Me


I’m Angel, a 23-year old high school teacher based in Laguna, Philippines. I was also known as Zero Waste Filipina before, but I changed it to The Low Impact Filipina for various reasons. (See About Low Impact)

I grew up in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro by frugal parents. Yes, if you do cut your toothpaste tubes into two before getting a new one, that’s how we were raised by my parents. It was all eco-friendly for me not until I started studying in the city for college where everything can be disposed in one use. I finished college only consuming either fast or processed food packaged in single-use plastics.

Everything went back to place when I was dining in a coffee shop with my co-teacher. Out of curiosity, I asked him how paper cups were being recycled. He went stoic and ignored me. I started reading about it and found out that they’re neither compostable nor recyclable.

From that time on, I started ordering my coffee in a for-here mug and the rest is history.

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