Getting Started

Congratulations! The Earth is smiling from East to the West side of the world for one person got interested on how to get started to a low impact lifestyle. As a person who used to think that we should act immediately and do everything to save the planet, I want to remind you that your small actions matter whatever it is.

To help you get started, I recommend you the following blogs that I wrote:

  1. The first blog that you should read is From Zero Waste to Low Impact. This is a blog which explain the linear economy and why we should move to the circular one.
  2. The next article that you should read is A Guide to Plastic-Free July. This article will help you get your life together sustain-ably but at the same time not feeling guilty nor overwhelmed.
  3. The third article that I advise you to read is Can Minimalism help save the environment? This will enlighten you that you can vote what kind of world would you like your children to have in the future through your consumerism practices.

That’s how you can begin living and leaving a low environmental impact to this planet. If you want to see more about my daily tips and tricks on how you can kickstart this lifestyle on a low budget, follow me on Instagram @lowimpactfilipina. Sign up to be updated to my new blogs!

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